By Michael Mandel

As Congress considers several major bills intended to transform the tech-ecommerce ecosystem, it is worth considering what might be lost for workers. Based on our analysis of BLS data, the tech-ecommerce ecosystem added 1.4 million jobs between September 2017 and September 2021, the most recent data available…

Today, PPI President Will Marshall released the following statement on the federal recognition of JuneTeenth:

Happy Juneteenth!

With uncharacteristic dispatch this week, Congress passed and President Biden signed a new a bill establishing Juneteenth as a national holiday. It happened so quickly that PPI wasn’t quite prepared to observe it…

MEMO: June 14, 2021
TO: Pro-Growth Democrats
FROM: PPI President Will Marshall
RE: How to Lose to China

President Joe Biden says that America is locked in a “strategic competition” with China for global economic and political leadership in the 21st century. …

New legislative package would be a devastating blow to American technological leadership

Today, Members of the House of Representatives introduced a new package of bills aimed at stifling digital innovation through extreme antitrust legislation.

Alec Stapp, Director of Technology Policy at the Progressive Policy Institute (PPI) released the following statement:

Progressive Policy Institute

Radically Pragmatic. We seek to advance progressive, market-friendly ideas that promote American innovation, economic growth, and wider opportunity.

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